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Summer has voiced over 600 commercials thus far in her career, ranging in voice-type from commercial announcer, to legal & medical copy, character voices, tag announcer and regional dialects when needed. She is currently or has recently been the repeat announcer for campaigns/clients such as Lenscrafters, Playskool, Hasbro, Vagisil, Burlington Coat Factory, Cortizone 10, Genworth Financial, Cablevision, Aqua Velva Slimfast, ScottTrade and more.

Her current client list includes: Santa Rita Wines, Duac, Cost Cutters, Hamilton Beach, Samsung (over 60 products for, Oreck Vacuums, Celine Dion Sensational (perfume), Pennsylvania Health Center, Markley Motors, Genworth Financial, Schick Razors, Hasbro, Bottom Dollar Foods, Eggland's Best Eggs, Pediacare, Phillips Milk of Magnesia, Lexus, Coldwell Banker, Renova, Elizabeth Arden, Biotech, Johnson & Johnson Dermabond, Surefit Slipcovers, Lenscrafters, Nature's Own, Six-Flags, Vogue, Astra Zenica, Pfizer, Cablevision, Huggies, Gerber, CT Tourism, Weebles, Slimfast, People Magazine, Elizabeth Arden, Easy-Bake Oven, 1-800-Flowers, Vagisil, Playskool, Spiriva, Luxury West Condos, Sprint, Volkswagen, Estee Lauder, RCN, Pepperidge Farm, Hollywood Video, WE: Women's Entertainment, Boston Globe, Suave, Pantene, Springmaid Sheets, RCN, Zales, Healthy New York, Renissance Art Hotels, People Magazine, Weebles, Union-Square West, Carmax, ConAir.


Summer has recorded several children's audio books in the past few years. Most recently she completed a ten audio book series for Schlessinger Media entitled "My Community".

Summer has recorded several medical journal audio books for clients such as Pfizer, Roche and Astra Zenica.

Cartoon & Videogames

Summer has voiced characters for the following animated series: Newbie (on STARZ), Gladiators (role of Tosca), Time Slip (role of Maru Blackstone) Perdition City (role of Detective Heather Long) Angel Friends (52 episodes: roles of Queen Reina and Kabale) Autonomy (role of Iaso). She has created character voices for the following video games: Texas Hold 'Em Poker (Playstation 2), Zonics (Hasbro), and Infected (Majesco, PSP 2 Game system).