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What Critics Have Said

"Director Scott C. Embler has several fine actors to work with, Segal and Summer Crockett Moore as his mother Julia, especially."

— Variety

"Glazer has reteamed with several of his plays' former leading ladies, including Bayless, Morris and Moore, all of whom reaffirm Glazer's faith in them. And where Goldberg's direction shines is in these actress' performances, from Moore's drunken diatribe on the way people are cooing over the book under discussion, about the cruel treatment of dogs in Egypt, to Walsh's eagerness for a fight"

— NYPress

"Joanna Bayless, Summer Crockett Moore and Jim O’Connor deliver believable multilayered performances as Thomas’s disjointed family..."

— OffOffOnline

"As his mother, Julia, Summer Crockett Moore has a particularly challenging narrative to carry, and her decision to internalize much of the character’s moral struggle, appears to have been the right one...."

— OffOffOnline

"The cast, under the strong guidance of Scott C. Embler, provides enough arresting moments to keep you guessing what will happen next. As Julia, Summer Crockett Moore has a beautifully terse encounter with Joanna Bayless, about the crime that has poisoned their lives for decades."

— Light & Sound

"Summer Crockett Moore, who plays Thomas’s mother, Julia, [is] an able actress..."

— Theater Scene

"[Some lovely material for the female characters] including the mother (the warm Summer Crockett Moore)..."

— Backstage